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Waste water treatment Plant with biogas production, 1300m3/h, 5300м3/d(Biogas)

Waste water treatment Plant, 1300m3, Design Engineering, Milk Plant. 

Design Engineering of industrial treatment facilities based on the VOITH anaerobic reactor was completed for the Dairy Plant in Turov. Turov Dairy Plant currently produces cheese, milk, whey, etc.

After wastewater treatment facilities, a biogas complex will be installed for biogas production. Further biogas will be provided for the operation of a gas turbine and an industrial boiler room.

Client: Turov Dairy Plant

Waste water treatment Plant, 1300m3.Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), 9250 mg / l

Location: BY
  • Design Project of a new WWTP, 1300m3
  • Biogas  5 300 м3/d
  • Gas turbine 1MWt
  • Steam Boilers 18t/h
Area of operation: WWTP, Gas turbine, Boilers Plant 
  • Design basis
  • Heat balance diagrams, Steam flow diagrams
  • Piping and instrument diagrams
  • Pressure vessels and heat transfer equipment design
  • Specifications
  • Shop drawings and CAD drafting
Used software:

CAD drafting, EPLAN model  

The wastewater from dairy plants contains a large number of organic substances that cause rotting processes.When discharged into water bodies, untreated sewage reduces the oxygen content in the water, which leads to the death of flora and fauna.

One of the standards for the level of sewage pollution is COD - the chemical consumption of oxygen. In view of this, our Company carried out the engineering of sewage treatment plants with biogas generation based on VOITH technology. This technology made it possible to collect all effluents in one receiving chamber, from where they will then be pumped into the sewage treatment plant.

Benefits of VOITH Technology:

  • Ease of access to all equipment;
  • Simplified access to maintenance and equipment operation;
  • Small-sized pipelines;
  • There are no explosive zones in the building of treatment facilities;
  • Space saving.

While construction, all environmental requirements were taken into account. Local treatment facilities that were installed at the plant will allow the processing of wastewater, as well as whey, and will ensure the production of biogas for the plant's own needs.

Equipment Layout


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