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Gas Electric Power Station (CHP), 11.3Mwt

Tire Factory, Gas Electric Power Station (CHP), 11,3Mwt

Client: Tire Factory

Gas Cogeneration Plant – 11,3MWt. 


BY, Bobrujsk

Assignment:  Cogeneration Plant Design, supplying Electricity and Heat  
Area of operation: Combined heating and power engineering, architecture, electricity and automation process 
Scope of Services: Process design, HVAC design, Steel Drafting, Concrete Drafting, Electric and Automation, 3D rendering
Software: Revit, AutoCAD, EPLAN

Main equipment in project:

  • MTU gas units 1.95 MW x 3
  • Caterpillar gas units 2.022 MW x 3
  • HKB fire tube boiler Ketelbouw BV, type SHPE with an economizer. Steam output - 10t / h, pressure 32 bar (abs.), steam  temperature = 238 ° С,
  • BBS GmbH recovery boilers x 2, AHK 4.000. Steam output 4 t / h, working pressure 32 bar (a), steam temperature =238 ° С

As building was already finished, we made a Design Engineering Project for Electric Power Station inside of such building. 

Due to ready building was too small, equipment and facilities were placed in many levels.

Design was developed in Revit. We inputted building structures into the 3D model, after we continued to create our own project in general 3D model.

The project was developed at Revit it reduced the time for construction and installation works due to the absence of collisions.


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