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Heat and Electric Power Plant, 90MW(heat), 11.50MW(e)

Client: Sugar Plant, Heat and Electric Power station
Job done:
  • Process design
  • plant design
  • structural design
  • HVAC design
  • automation design
  • electric design
Used software:

Revit, CAD drafting, 3D rendering 

Equipment: GPT steam boiler 10000/5
Steam boiler E-120-7.0-500-GM
Steam turbine SST-300
Place: Russia


New Heat and Power Plant will produce:

  • electricity for production, and deliver excess power for the local city.
  • consumers will get heat in the form of portable water and steam.

The thermal capacity of the CHPP is 77.6 Gcal / h, and the electric power is 11.50 MW.


For maintenance of the beet processing line, a pair of two parameters is required: P1 = 30 bar (a), T1 = 372 ° C and P1 = 5 bar (a), T1 = 165 ° C. The steam will succumb to the steam lines (DN800mm and DN300). Then it will be supplied to the heat point of the main technological building, which already exists. He will also go to the technological equipment, which is installed in an open area.

In boiler room established Steam Turbine SST-300 with extractions and steam boiler E-120-7.0-500-GM. The power of this turbine is 12 MW, and the voltage is 6.3 kV. Diesel fuel is used as emergency fuel ( 3 days working reserve).


The challenge was – the Production plant is active, and we should to make reconstructions for Electric Power Stations for Company which has everyday working life.

The developed project includes the following types of work:

  1. Planned of dismantle the warehouse building provided for equipment storage;
  2. Portal supports are planned to be dismantled and new ones installed (2 pcs.);
  3. Reconstruction of transformer station 6 kV.

We make a project less than 90 days and made all adopting for passing the state expertise.


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