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Steel structures detailing - TEKLA

Steel Structures Design

We carry out the design for all elements of steel structures within Power Plants, Boiler Plants, Biomass, Power transmissions Towers, Cooling towers, Industrial buildings. With extensive work experience in Germany, Italy, Sweden and other countries in accordance with Eurocodes.

Steel Detailing in TEKLA 

The Design Department (40+ design engineers) develops drawings and documentation for more than 2 000 tons of metal structures per month. We use Tekla Structures, Dlubal RFEM, AutoCAD.


Main scope of supply 

  • Static calculation
  • Connections, clash detection
  • Structural detail engineering
  • Design for manufacturing. Workshop drawings, assembly drawings, erection drawings
  • 3D BIM modeling



Steel Structure Department carefully planning each stage of the design in accordance with Eurocodes. Upon request, we will help with the approving designed Steel Structures and Reinforcement concrete with local authorities.

Our services


Stack, chimneys



industrial buildings

Industrial buildings

cooling towel

Cooling towers supports

fuel storage

Fuel storage

combustion chambers

combustion chambers

3BIM modeling

3D BIM modeling

Power transmission tower

Power transmission tower

steel supporting12

Steel Supporting structures



For Structural analysis, we use Dlubal RFEM to calculate connections we use IdeaStatica. While doing design structures we use Tekla Structures, Advance Steel, Autodesk Revit.

Finally, you get as a result

  • Workshop drawings, assembly drawings, erection drawings
  • IFC, NOD – files.
  • Static calculation with expected loads, efforts, and statements in nodes, material grades, symbols, marking;
  • Views with cross-sections, marking of structures and indication of sections, nodes of structures showing the connection of elements;
  • list of parts

The set of Steel drawings includes all structural elements: dimensions, holes, welds, as well as the location of parts and connections in the assembly. High-quality steel design allows you to accurately perform further assembly and installation at the manufacturing plant.


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