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Power Plant 35 MW Mining processing plant

Design bureau Turbopar is making an engineering project: "Construction of a mining - processing complex with an output of 1.1 to 2.0 million tons of potassium chloride per year at the raw material base of the Nezhinsky city (eastern part) site of the Starobinskoye potash salt deposit."

The engineering scope is divided into 3 stages:

  • General technical solutions (GTS);
  • Architectural project with the allocation of two complexes;
  • Construction project

General Contractor: CITIC Construction Co., Ltd.
Main equipment (1st stage): •14.556 MW gas turbine;
• Booster compressor station with the auxiliary systems
Main equipment (2nd stage): • Steam waste-heat boiler 21.5 t / h (Po = 4.0 (abs), To = 440 ° C).
• Steam turbine 19.855 MW (nominal conditions: Po = 3.9 MPa (abs), To = 430 ° C, Go = 210 t / h; P1 = 0.85 MPa (abs) - back pressure.
• Three steam boilers of 120 t / h (Po = 4.0 (abs), To = 440 ° C) - each boiler. Total output 360 t / h.



Revit, TEKLA, BIM 3D

The design of the CHP plant will be performed in a BIM 3D modeling with a LOD 300-350 with using Autodesk Revit and KKS software package by coding.

Overall coordination and clash detection is performed in Autodesk Navisworks.

Steel structures are performed in the TEKLA Structures 2020 software package.


Project approval of the CHP and the passing of local expertise

Each stage will be approved by local expertise.
In order for the Customer to be able to build a CHPP timely and in accordance with the general construction schedule of the Mining Processing Plant, the Project will be pass local expertise in separate stages, which will allow it to adhere to the planned schedule during the construction process.


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