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Piping design and stress analysis

Piping engineering

For complex projects, you need strong design support. We have high technical expertise in piping engineering services

2D / 3D Design:

  • Water/steam cycle calculations;
  • Hydraulic design (flow, velocities, pressure drop);
  • Piping specification (materials, pipe schedule, rating of elements);
  • Insulation. Thermal losses< 2D/ 3D Piping Routing and modeling;
  • Piping lists; Mechanical piping design (thickness calculation) according to ASME B31.1 / B31.3 / EN13480, etc;
  • Isometric drawings for construction;
  • Vessel Trims & Nozzle Orientation;
  • Component calculations;
  • Pipe Supporting & Secondary steel design;
  • Piping loads for civil structures;  Isometric drawings.

Flexibility Analysis

  • Piping Flexibility analysis according to ASME B31.1/B31.3 / EN 13480;
  • Supports design (type and position);
  • Buried pipes;
  • Check of allowable loads on nozzles (pumps, static equipment, etc.) as per WRC-107;
  • Dynamic analysis (Modal, Harmonic).

Software we use

  •  AutoCAD
  • Caesar II

Piping design


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