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Power Station with Siemens Steam Turbine, 9MW

Nitrogen Production, Electric Power Station with 9MWt Siemens Steam Turbine. 

Client: Nitrogen Plant

Electric Power Station with Condensing Steam Turbine 9MWt, 10,5kV.



Assignment: Engineering Design, supplying Heat and Electricity, Steam supply  
Area of operation:

Сombined heating and power engineering, architecture, electricity and automation process

Scope of Services:

Process design, HVAC design, Steel Drafting, Concrete Drafting, Electric and Automation, PID, 3D rendering


Revit, AutoCAD, EPLAN

The project was developed in 90 days.
The steam turbine is placed in new building. Cooling tower for working in Condensing cycle.
Turbine automation works together with factory automation.