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Heating, Electrical and Cooling Station, 2.3MW (e),13MW (heat), 0.7MW (cool)

Type of construction: New construction, developed in Revit
Summary Approved from a Customer
  • BROAD packaged nonelectric chillers with general cooling power 700kWt
  • Gas engine MTU Onstile Energy – 2 pcs., total electric power – 2 330 кВт
  • Steam boilers, waste heat boilers, water boilers – 5 pcs.
Design scope: Development of a project for a cooling plant with electric power
Country: Belarus

 Total performance of Cooling complex:

  • 700 kW – cooling power;
  • 2330 kW – electric power;
  • 12 856 kW – thermal power.

Developed project provides the protection of equipment, work in parallel with the power grid with power supply of the company from its own sources.

Was developed drawing the gas pipeline network at the site, from the high-pressure gas pipeline to the power center.

Terms of developing Project

The project was developed within 45 days.

It was approved by the local expert center and transferred to the construction.


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