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Heat and Electric Power Plant, 25MWt

Grain Processing Plant, Design Engineering Steam Turbine Station 25MWt.

Client: Grain Processing Plant

Steam Turbine Station 25MWt, incl. Steam Turbine 25MWt, steam boilers 210 t / h, P(abs) = 9.81 MPa, T = 540 °, WTP=233.0 m³ / h



Assignment:  Cogeneration Plant Design, supplying Electricity, Steam, Heat  


of operation:

Combined heating and power engineering, architecture, electricity and automation process  


of Services:

Process design, HVAC design, Steel Drafting, Concrete Drafting, Electric and Automation, 3D rendering
Software: Revit, AutoCAD, EPLAN

General Contractor was the Chinese CITIC Corporation.

Our team had to interact with Chinese specialists annually. We allocated engineers from CITIC Corporation on the territory of the C4D office, so it helps more efficiently and faster exchange the Information.

Such integration allowed CITIC to get daily consultations from our experts on the norms of local  legislation, regulatory restrictions and local design features.

Terms of Revit developing: 60 days.


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