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Hot Boiler plant with Gas turbine, 3 MW(e), 22 MW(h)

Design Engineering of a Heat and Power plant, Gas Turbine 4 MW, Weaving factory.

Detailed Engineering design including PiD, flow diagrams and workshop drawings.

Client: Weaving factory


Heat and Power plant, 4 MW Gas turbine, 22 MWt 

Location: BY

Design Project of a new Power Plant.

Production: electricity, steam, hot water 

Area of operation:

Сombined heating and power plant, electricity and automation process,

transformer substation

  • General Design
  • PID, Heat balance diagrams, Steam flow diagrams
  • Piping and instrument diagrams
  • Pressure vessels and heat transfer equipment design
  • Specifications
  • Shop drawings and CAD drafting
  • Steel detailing
Used software:

Revit model, CAD drafting, 3D rendering, EPLAN model 

Scope of services:

  • Boiler Plant design (22 MWt), Gas hot water boilers
  • Power Plant design (4 MWt), Gas steam turbine, heat recovery boiler 5 MWt
  • Transformer substation (4 transformers x 1 250 kVA each)

Gas pressure distribution station with gas pipes of high pressure.


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