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Gas Power Plant with gas turbine, 1.9 MW

We completed detailed Engineering of Project including PiD, flow diagrams, and workshop drawings.


BERYOZA CERAMICA, Ceramic tile manufacturer


Power plant, 1.9 MW Gas Turbine 

Location: BY

Design Project of a new Power Plant.

Production: electricity, hot water 


of operation:

Сombined heating and power, electricity and automation process

  • General Design
  • PiD, Heat balance diagrams,
  • Piping engineering and instrument diagrams
  • Pressure vessels and heat transfer equipment design
  • Specifications
  • Shop drawings and CAD draftingSteel detailing 
Used software:

Revit model, CAD drafting, EPLAN model.

A gas turbine power unit Opra 1900 kW with a compressor was installed near the building of the dryer. The dryer use the heat of the exhaust flue gases from the gas turbine.

The fuel is natural gas with a pressure 11.7-16.0 bar. To increase the pressure from 3bar to 12bar, we apply booster compressor station.

Gas consumption: max - 799.0 m³ / h, mini - 200.0 m³ / h.

The gas pipelines to the installation was laid underground.

A flue gas duct was placed inside the dry powder dryer building. The automation of the existing tech line (Sakmi, an Italian company) was synchronized with the automation of gas turbines for using exhaust gases to dry the powder.

Auxiliary equipment - transformer 1 * 1000 kVA; 10 / 0.4 kV


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