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Equipment design

Equipment design for Biomass and Waste to Energy

We carry out the design of equipment for manufacturers of Biomass, WtE Boilers, and Power Plants.

You can get all the drawings of the equipment inside your Biomass Boiler Plant plus 3D model:

• Stacks (chimneys)
• Boiler lining / Chimney lining
• Moving grates front furnaces
• Fuel feeding systems
• Fuel handling systems
• Multicyclones
• Electrostatic precipitators – ESP
• Ash removal system (Ash hopers)
• Moving floors
• Fuel storage
• Conveyors, Lifting cranes
• Gas ducts, air ducts, steam ducts
• Gearboxes, wheels, fans, and smoke exhausters
• Deaerators

Start from the sketch

While you want to start work with us, it is better to send us a task – you design assignment in free form, as you wish:

• picture
• photo
• product layout

Equipment drawings and 3D

We will develop the project from scratch to production drawings. So you can get Mechanical Engineering Drawings:

• AutoCAD Isometric drawings
• Isometric Sketches
• Machine drawings
• Workshop drawings (fabrication shop drawings )
• 3D model + kinematic diagram

Stages of drafting

Usually, we have two parts, while drafting your model. At first, we develop a 3D model of your Project. You will get an IFC model, and a 3D model, you can check all necessary holes, beams, connections, foundations, etc. Terms depend on the complicity of the existing model.
Second part - workshop drawings in AutoCAD with NC-files finally. So you can use them direct to production.


We use SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Caesar II, Tekla Structures and Dlubal RFEM.


To find out the cost of development - send us a request. We will send your our calculation within 1-3 days.


To get commercial proposal send your enquiry please: