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English-Russian translations of AutoCAD drawings & technical documentation

Technical translations are a special activity of Turbopar Company.

To be a good technical translator, it is important not only to know English and Russian but also to be Engineer and to be well versed in Engineering.
Our team consists of Engineering translators who have good skills in technical texts. Another feature of the staff is their origin. Our translators is native Russian speakers, so we can guarantee that the final translation from English (or German) into Russian of technical texts will be done correctly.

We translate texts on the following topics:

  • Oil & gas;
  • CHP, Power plants & Boilers, energy;
  • Chemistry;
  • Industry & manufacturing;
  • Mechanical engineering;
  • Automation.

Technical translation is everywhere around us. Every manufacturer that supplied equipment to Russia requires translation of his technical documentation into Russian. A lot of such documents were translated by our engineers, as we specialize in translating drawings in AutoCAD from English into Russian and Russian into English.

German - Russian translation of drawings and technical AutoCAD documentation

Translation of a technical text from German into Russian is not much different from English-Russian. The main thing here is for the translator to have extensive work experience and be well versed in the field of translation in which he specializes. As a rule, these are people who not only translate technical texts but also translate drawings in AutoCAD from German into Russian.
Do you need a translation of drawings from German into Russian? Our engineers are native speakers of the Russian language, therefore, as a result, they get a natural text that is simple and understandable to the user for which it is intended.


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