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Heating Power Plant(CHP), 1.3MW

Heating and Electric Power Station Engineering Design, 8 MWt, 100 t/h steam, Salt Plant

Client: Salt Plant


Thermal-electric power plant, 8 MWt Extracting Steam Turbine, 100 t/h Steam Boilers

Location: RU, Kaliningrad

Design Project of a new Power Plant, Pump Station, fuel storage tanks, chimneys.

Production: electricity, steam, hot water 

Area of operation:

Combined heating and power, electricity and automation process

  • General Design
  • PID, Heat balance diagrams, Steam flow diagrams
  • Piping and instrument diagrams
  • Pressure vessels and heat transfer equipment design
  • Specifications
  • Shop drawings and CAD drafting
  • Steel detailing
Used software:

Revit model, CAD drafting, 3D rendering, EPLAN model 


The thermal power plant is intended for supplying electricity to the Customer grid with the possibility of selling the rest of the power to the City.

In addition, the Customer got thermal energy in the form of steam and network water.

Power generation

  • 8 MWt Extracting Steam Turbine;
  • 100 t/h Steam Boilers

The annual power consumption:

  • Electricity - 48.383 million kWh;
  • Thermal energy – 360 878.9 МВт

The design solutions envisage the construction of an energy workshop with the possibility of additional installation of 4 boilers with an increase in the installed capacity of the energy workshop up to 200 t / h.

The Energy Workshop is a building with a steel frame, consisting of five different-height volumes. According to General Layout Energy Workshop has a rectangular shape with dimensions 82.25h36.0 m

Power supply scheme design 

The thermal-electric power plant has three options:

  • parallel operation with zero consumption. The steam turbine installation operates in parallel with the Electric Grid Company without the generated electricity for them
  • parallel operation with partial consumption from Electric Grid Company. In such a case Part of the Salt Plant electricity consumption get from the steam turbine unit, the part is consumed from the network of the Electric Grid Company;
  • offline mode ("island"). Electric Grid Company do not supply electric power, all the loads are cover by the Steam Turbine

Layout for electrical equipment and networks

Diesel fuel tanks fundaments, platform and storage design

On the site for diesel fuel tanks, there are 3 tanks for storing fuel with a volume of 300 m3 each, based on a three-days working in the coldest month.

The site has a plan size of 27x19 m and is surrounded by a concrete bunding 0.7 m high in order to prevent fuel spillage and getting into the soil in the event of a tank accident.


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