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Gas Turbine Station, 2MW

Energy Engineering Design: Gas Turbine Station 2MWt for Paper Company.

We have completed the design-engineering project with a 2 MW gas turbine and exhaust gas utilization for a paper mill.

Client: Paper Mill Company
Description: Electric power Station, 2 MWt Gas Turbine, flue gas utilization.
Location: BY
Assignment: Design Project of a new CHP plant. Production: electricity, steam, hot water.
Area of operation: Process, Thermal & Hydraulic Design, electricity and automation process, Building Design, Steel Structures
  • Design basis
  • Heat balance diagrams, Water balance diagrams, Steam flow diagrams
  • Piping and instrument diagrams
  • Pressure vessels and heat transfer equipment design
  • Specifications
  • Shop drawings and CAD drafting
Used software:

Revit model, CAD drafting, 3D rendering, EPLAN model,DLUBAL RFEM  

Used equipment

  • Steam boiler, 4t / per hour (AHK-Z 4.000)
  • Gas Turbine units, ENEX C1000 x 2 pcs.
  • flue gas recovery system (AHK-Z 4000)
  • transformer 1250VA - 2 pcs.;
  • WT plant
  • Deaerator for boilers

Electric and heating loads

  • Alternating three-phase current, 10.5 kV, 50 Hz, 2.0 MW;
  • Flue gases (including afterburning). 4 (5) MW power flow and the temperature at the outlet of the gas turbine 280ºС;
  • Saturated steam. Pressure 5 bar, 4 t / h;
  • Hot water. The temperature schedule is 95 / 70ºС, the water is heated by flue gases after the steam boiler of the utilizer.
  • Industrial steam  - 5.6 Gcal / h;
  • Heating and ventilation - 1.2 Gcal / h;
  • Domestic hot water - 0.5 Gcal / h.

Architecture and steal design

Architectural and Construction Department used a reinforced concrete prefabricated frame of the building with external walls made of cellular concrete blocks. To cover gas turbines we developed a special canopy from metal structures.

Foundations were made for the boiler plant, for canopy,  gas turbines, chimneys.

The engineers linked the new boiler plant with cogeneration equipment.

Electric & Automation design

Electrical Department completed the whole  scope of services including:

  • reconstruction of the existing electric line and station - 10kV

Refinement of the existing automation system, with the output into the local network of the factory and the transfer of information via INTERNET and remote access