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Electric Power plant, 11.50 MW(e) and 89 MW(h)

Design Engineering of Electric Power plant, 11.50 MW electricity and 89 MW heating power, Sugar Plant

Client: Sugar Plant


Electric Power Plant, 11.50 MW electricity and 89 MW heating power 

Location: RU, Elets, Agrosnabsahar

Electric Power Plant, 11.50 MW electricity and 89 MW heating power 

Area of operation:

Combined heating and power, electricity and automation process

  • General Design
  • PID, Heat balance diagrams, Steam flow diagrams
  • Piping and instrument diagrams
  • Pressure vessels and heat transfer equipment design
  • Specifications
  • Shop drawings and CAD drafting
  • Steel detailing
Used software:

Revit model, CAD drafting, 3D rendering, EPLAN model 

Main equipment used in project:

  • Siemens Steam turbine 12 MW, 6.3 kV;
  • Steam boiler 120 t / h (water tube boiler);
  • Fire tube boiler (12 t / h).

Project Description:

The main boiler will produce 120 tonn steam per hour. The second boiler is installed for off-seasons to provide the sugar factory with hot water, heating, ventilation.In case of an emergency stop, was build also an emergency boiler steam GPT 10000/5, 10 t per hour.For the operation of the beet processing line, steam of two parameters is required: P1 = 30 bar (a), T1 = 372 ° C and P1 = 5 bar (a), T1 = 165 ° C.The steam goes through the steam line (DN800mm and DN300) to the heat point of the main technological building and after to technological equipment, which is installed in an open area.

Sugar Factory will sell electricity:

External Electricity Grids agreed to buy electricity generated by Power Plant. According to this designers developed: 

  1. Full automation cycle
  2. Parallel operation and communication;
  3. Telemechanization system on the existing and projected switchgear 6 kV;
  4. Measures that will reduce short circuit currents;
  5. Non-stopped 24 mode

Process engineering.

In the scope of services was including also high-pressure gas pipeline drafting. The length of the gas pipeline 250 meters. Process engineers placed some tanks:

  • Backup fuel storing tank. Diesel fuel is used as emergency fuel for 3 days
  • Tanks for storing chemically purified water;
  • Tanks for return condensate;

Very important task was to Design Boiler Plant into the general view, as Manufacturing building has specific design. Disassembling of structures

Electric Power Station placed in a very limited space. So some old structures should be disassembled. We developed a project of disassembling some structures: warehouses and old supporting structures.

Terms of design project: 9 months.


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