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Steel structures detailing

A steel structure is composed of structural members that are made of steel, usually with standard cross-sectional profiles and standards of chemical composition and mechanical properties.

How to collaborate with us? 

We are willing to perform the function of a design subcontractor and help with certain tasks at your project stages.

There are 20 structural engineers who are experienced in developing concrete and steel design. This department has been providing high-quality services for projects in the EU in accordance with EN Eurocodes and international standards. 

What do we offer?

We offer design and detailing of steel structures:

  1. Structural analysis;
  2. 3D modeling;
  3. Calculation of joint connections;
  4. Workshop drawings, including sunge-part and assembly drawings;
  5. General arrangement drawings, including erection drawings.

Which software do we use?

Our engineers work with Tekla Structures, Revit, RFEM, IDEA StatiCa, Trimble Connect, Naviswork. 


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