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Process engineering

Power plant process engineering.

Turbopar provides a full engineering service for power plant projects. From new power plants to renovating existing facilities, we offer complete life-cycle solutions from conceptual engineering through operations support. 
We are experienced

•Steam, gas turbine, combined power plants cycle;
•Industrial power plants;
•Biomass, waste to energy plants, renewable, wind-farms, solar.
•Auxiliary systems: water/steam cycle, water supply, water treatment, fuel supply, ash removal etc.



Power plant process engineering                                                                                                                                                   

 We provide basic and detail power plant engineering



•Steam – water balance 
•Piping and instrument diagrams
•Piping and ducts engineering 
•Power plant auxiliary system process engineering (liquid and gas fuel cooling systems, charge air and exhaust gas systems etc)
•Utility systems (air, water, lubrication oil, fire etc)
•PFD, P&ID, line lists and process industry plant process engineering LNG production and LNG re-gasification (onshore and offshore)

•New energy (Waste to Fuel, Hydrogen, Biofuel, Green Ammonia)
•Carbon Capture and Storage
•Datasheets, technical component lists (equipment, valves, instruments etc)
• Process engineering calculations, simulations and reports
•Steady state thermodynamic simulations


Steam cycle, boiler equipment, water systems, cooling systems, ductwork, or flue gas systems, among others, are commonly object of design, power plant engineering or consulting works related to performance, efficiency or mechanical integrity.

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