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Power plant

Boiler plant and Power plant design engineering

Turbopar.eu is an advanced design engineering bureau who is drafting Electric Power Stations based on steam turbines, gas turbines, engines, boilers, wind farms, solar power stations as a source of electric and heating power.

Our wide range of cogeneration and heating skills allows us to develop sustainable systems for our clients – striking the right balance between production and distribution.

Areas of expertise

  • Design of power plants, boiler plants and auxiliary equipment according to tenders requirements
  • Buildings and civil structures design in relation to power plants and power plant equipment
  • low emission systems design of operation optimization effectiveness and reliability increase
  • Measuring, monitoring and control systems
  • high-voltage and low-voltage electric equipment and distribution systems design
  • Design of conveyors of loose material, transportation and storage of liquids and gases
  • Digitalization and software for power engineering
  • Control & Automation
  • HVAC

Field of experience

  • Biomass boiler plants, Biofuel energy plants, renewable fuels,
  • Combined heating and power plants (CHP)
  • Electrical power, Hydropower, Solar, Wind
  • Steam and gas turbines, gas engines, heat recovery


In our engineering projects, we use automated design systems:

  • AutoCAD 2D/3D
  • PDMS/E3D
  • NavisWorks 3D
  • Revit MEP 3D
  • TEKLA Structures
  • Dlubal RFEM


  • Steel detailing. Structural engineering using Revit, Tekla, Advance Steel, DLUBAL RFEM, IdeaStatica;
  • Steam flow diagrams; Steam cycle simulation;
  • Heat balance diagrams and water balance diagrams ;
  • P&ID, Piping design and instrument diagrams (process and piping);
  • Piping and ducts engineering with isometric drawings of pipes ;
  • Equipment, pipeline, valve ;
  • Pressure vessels and heat transfer equipment design;
  • Steel equipment thermal and structural design;
  • Construction documentation; workshop drawings;;
  • HVAC.

Engineering design

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