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Our company develop design of the cooling systems for Trading Centers as well as for civil buildings in Revit 3D modeling: air-cooled, fan-cooled or water cooled as you wish.

The modern world is replete with a variety of shops and shopping centers. Shopping center owners use various “tricks” to attract customers. Ventilation and air conditioning of shopping centers is one of the most important technical systems, creating favorable conditions for both visitors and staff working in the shopping center.

Ensuring comfortable conditions for staff and visitors of the shopping center, which includes the following indicators:

  • temperature condition
  • relative humidity
  • air speed
  • the noise level generated by the operation of the ventilation system
  • creation and maintenance of sanitary and hygienic parameters of indoor air
  • Prevention of air stagnation, ensuring the required air exchange
  • Fire safety

When designing the shopping center ventilation it is necessary to consider:

  • retail space;
  • location (distance from roads and highways;accommodation in a separate building, built-in / built-in shopping centers attached to residential buildings);
  • orientation of the building, its windows and doors relative to the cardinal points;
  • attendance of the premises (the upper floors of the shopping center are less visited);
  • functional purpose of the rooms;
  • exact characteristic of materials of which the building is constructed.

Our results to you – Revit 3D drawings district cooling systems.

Steel Structure Detailing

Concrete Structure Detailing

Engineering and Detailing

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