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Hot water Boiler Plant, 22.3 MWt

Hot Water Boiler Plant Design for a large hotel complex, 22.3 MWt

Client: Hotel complex with SPA and tennis courts 


Water Boiler Plant, 22.3 MWt Viessmann

Location: BY

Design Project of a new gas Boiler Plant.

Production: thermal power 

Area of operation:

Heating power, automation process

  • General Design
  • PID, Heat balance diagrams
  • Piping and instrument diagrams
  • Pressure vessels and heat transfer equipment design
  • Specifications
  • Shop drawings and CAD drafting
  • Steel detailing
Used software:

Revit model, CAD drafting, 3D rendering, EPLAN model 

The gas boiler plant is a one-story building, using a frame structural system. The building has a rectangular shape with rounded corners.

Space-planning, structural decisions were made taking into account the functional purpose of the object, architectural requirements for the existing buildings, and taking into account the engineering-geological and hydrogeological conditions of the construction site.

Project design consist

Chapter №  Chapter
1 Basic Engineering 8 Electrical equipment 
2 Architectural 9  Automation
3 Design engineering 10  Gas supply automation
4 Thermomechanical 11  Automation of heating and ventilation
5 Portable water supply and sanitation 12  Fire alarm system
6 Heating and ventilation 13  Burglar alarm system
7 Gas supply  


Architectural solutions for boiler plant facades

Boiler plant was designed as the general view of the complex.

Main equipment:

  1. Viessmann hot water boilers 5 MW x 4 pcs.+  2.3 MW;
  2. Water treatment, deaerator and all other facilities in Boiler Plant.

Terms of drafting: 120 days.

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