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Biomass Boiler Plant engineering

Biomass Boiler Plan based on waste fuel is an excellent solution that will allow you use  waste from pulp and paper mill, plywood, sawmills as well as agricultural waste.

TURBOPAR responsible for engineering design whole Biomass Boiler Plant. We do all engineering processes while drafting. 



Our main services:

• Basic engineering
• Process design
• Water steam cycle
• Piping design, P&ID
• Contrlol&Automatic
• Steel structures (supporting, ducts, stack etc.)


 While steel structures design, we develop all elements: building frame, supporting columns, boiler platforms, stairs, pipes, ducts. All calculations applied in according to local codes.













Biomass Boiler Plant with Steam Turbine

We advise a good solution to use a Biomass Boiler Plant with a Steam Turbine to produce Heat and Power. 

CHP allows you:

• The autonomous Heat and Power source
• Production waste disposal
• Reduction of energy costs














Our reference 

Biomass boiler Plant, 18MWt, Cherven

For more reference, follow the link https://turbopar.eu/our-projects

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