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BIM 3D Modeling (Building Information Modeling)

BIM 3D Modeling

The BIM technology (Building Information Modeling, information modeling in construction) from Turbopar provides effective data management for a building project to halve project timelines, visualize interiors and exteriors in virtual reality in detail, simplify maintenance of the finished building and extend its service life.

BIM application

  1. Design
  2. Building
  3. Reconstruction
  4. Exploitation

Benefits of BIM Implementation

  1. Management of construction processes in real-time;
  2. Control of all changes in the project;
  3. Automated control of all construction equipment;
  4. Design tools;
  5. Analytical tools;
  6. Accurate calculation of the costs of operation and maintenance of the facility;
  7. Creating a base of all contractors;

BIM at different stages of the life cycle

Information modeling reduces costs throughout the entire life cycle of an object. This includes the costs of managing finances, resources, equipment, and materials. The data accumulated with BIM greatly simplify the work at the stage of design, construction, operation, and reconstruction of the facility.


BIM 3D model for Electric Power Station, Sugar Plant

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