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3D Rendering

3D rendering for architectural and industrial projects

3D rendering is an image of future construction projects in the form of realistic computer graphics, from different angles, displaying all the necessary details of architectural projects not yet built.

 You can use 3D model on your site, in presentations, in promotional products, make a video or create a VR virtual tour.

 Working schedule

  • You send your materials (drawings, diagrams, photographs, examples).
  • We create a 3D model of the scene.
  • We will send you sketches for approving models.
  • If it all is ok – we will do 3D rendering model.


 While getting 3D model you get some additional benefits:

  • You will be able to consider the details of the project from the different sides
  • Bird's-eye views will help you understand how the building will look and how it will fit into the surrounding landscape
  • Night views - will allow you to see the architectural design in night lighting
  • High resolution will allow you to use graphics not only on the website and in the booklet, but also when printing on large banners.
  • Using in VR-presentation
  • 3D visualization at exhibitions and promotional products.
3D Rendering

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