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Waste Water treatment Plant, 2600m3/day with Biogas Power Plant

Dairy Production, Design Engineering WWT Plant 2600m3/day with Biogas Plant

Client: Dairy Plant

Waste Water treatment Plant 2 600m3/day (chemical oxygen consumption 5280 mg/l) with Biogas production 185 m3/h and Cogeneration Unit for electric power generation. 



Assignment:  Engineering Design WWTP, Biogas, supplying Electricity, odor removal
Area of operation: WWTP, architecture, electricity and automation process  
Scope of Services: Process design, HVAC design, Steel Drafting, Concrete Drafting, Electric and Automation, 3D rendering
Software: Revit, AutoCAD, EPLAN

Industrial waste and whey are discharged into WWT plants. While installed WWTP the Dairy Factory reduced electricity consumptions as biogas electric plant will work. After the reactor, biogas will be generated and then burned in power plants.


All wastewater is collected in one chamber, and then are pumped into the WWT plant. All equipment placed in compact building.

As a result of processing the whey and wastewater, approximately 5280 mg / l of biogas will be produced (max 8 725 m3 / day). The methane content in biogas is 70%.

Anaerobic reactor

Biogas producing in an anaerobic reactor and after the fermenter is purified from sulfur (H2S) in a chemical gas scrubber.

For suppling biogas to gas turbines, a gas meter with a volume of 70 m is installed.

In urgent cases of overproduction of biogas, or in the absence of a consumer, biogas will be burned on a biogas torch. The biogas torch is controlled by control panel, which receives a start signal from a level sensor installed in the gas tank or from a separately installed pressure sensor. Flare installation will ensure the impossibility of gas entering the atmosphere (without burning it).

The building equipped with methane detection sensors that will visually and soundly alert if methane is contained in the small concentrations.


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