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Biomass boiler plant in Cherven

New BIM – project for Biomass Boiler Plant, which heat the whole city

A Wood Boiler Plant, which works without gas and heats the whole city ... Constructions4D (TURBOPAR Design Engineering Bureau, finished developing BIM design project with wood boilers in Cherven city.

Over 1000 heated apartments and Clients

The project started in 2018, and at the end of 2019, and the Biomass Boiler Plant was officially put into operation.

The main fuel of the boiler house - wood chips; for peak mode natural gas is used. The total Power of Boiler Plant 18 MW, of which 12 MW of heating power produced from wood chips fuel, 6 MW produced from gas. The benefit for Client is obvious: you do not have to buy gas abroad, instead local wood fuel can be used.

While of using BIM modelling engineering, Constructions4D was able not only to reduce construction costs, but also to improve the quality of the whole project.

Boiler Plant features:

  • Power output = 15.48 Gcal / h
  • Annual heat output = 33,300 Gcal
  • Consumption rate of electric power, 40.7, kW * h / Gcal
  • Gas savings awing to the boilers = 6351.8 Gcal / year.

The payback period of this Biomass Boiler Plant (18MWt): 4-5 years.

Optimization with BIM technology.

Local engineering was done by CONSTRUCTIONS4D. While developing project Design Bureau used BIM technologies that help to reduce the cost of construction and installation work at the design stage.

How it works? BIM (Building Information Modeling) enables the use of intelligent 3D models. With their help, engineers could most effectively do their usual work: design, build and operate buildings (not only to boiler plants).

These technologies help us to reduce construction and installation costs for Boiler Plant in Cherven by 19%.

As a BIM software, we used Navisworks from Autodesk.

«While using BIM-technologies, all our project team works in one model in real time, without waiting until your colleague will finish their task, as we used to work before without BIM. We managed to significantly reduce the time spent on design, while improving the quality of work as BIM-design allows you to see the process of checking collisions in real time» - says J. Makarenko, Constructions4D technologist.

So, back to the BIM task while engineering development for the Biomass Boiler Plant.

In BIM project, we used the following equipment:

  • VHB 5000 x 2 wood fuel boilers with a Calidum Ember 6000 furnace - 5 MW heating output each and one VHB 2000 boiler with a Calidum Ember 2500 - 2 MW heating output;
  • to cover winter consumption and in case of boiler accident, was applied two gas boilers GM-HHB 3000 with an EK EVO 7.3600 GE / VT3 gas burner “ELCO” (Switzerland) - 3 MW heating output each;
  • to increase the boiler efficiency, was installed one common condensing economizer CEB 1896 on solid fuel boilers with a rated power of 1896 kW and a condensing economizer CEB 189 for each gas-fired boiler, with a rated power of 189 kW;
  • water treatment plant;
  • fuel supplying system with a fuel storage volume of 100m3;
  • a canopy for storing wood chips with a storage volume of 1500m3;
  • chimneys
  • etc.

Design Features of the Revit BIM Model

“We created templates family in Revit, after initial data was entered and then edited. All families were created on LOD300 and LOE400. The main accent was put on the information that should be contained in the models. Families were created from specially designed templates for engineering equipment. This was done in order to minimize the time to create the same type of equipment models” - a technologist the CONSTRUCTIONS4D Design Engineering Bureau says.

For technological equipment - heat exchangers, condensers, pumps and pipes of different thicknesses and sizes – we created first a point cloud in ReCap, and then exported it to Revit and integrated it with the same BIM model.

“We use standard Revit family modeling tools. Additionally, models derived from Autodesk Inventor were also included. Families were divided into parameterized and non-parameterized (unique). Parameterization allowed to automate to some extent the process of modeling the object. At the construction stage, we gave out flat drawings obtained from the 3D model for the project, with comprehensive information for each part.

We can track all conflicts and eliminate errors before the start of construction and installation, which significantly saves time and money. Without BIM, the design process would be harder, and the construction would be done through trial and error, ”said Y. Makarenko.

Tekla Structures and Dlubal RFEM

We used Tekla Structures for steel and concrete detailing, precast and cast in-situ. It was convenient, as process of shop drawing creation was automated.

For static calculations, we used Dlubal RFEM.


Such a project was a big step for a Mayor of the city. By and large the use of modern technologies allowed Constructions4D to bring the boiler room project to a completely new and higher quality level at minimal cost and quick payback.

We should also note that such a Project was not the only one for the Company. As we completed a BIM project for wood boiler plant in Volkovysk (70 MW heat and 13 t / steam per hour) with a steam turbine; as well as a boiler house on peat in the village of Pervomaisky for the Lidsky Peat Briquette Plant.

Constructions4D currently has 120 BIM Engineer-designers involved in Power Plants Design (Biomass, renewable, gas).


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