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Biomass Boiler Plant, 18MWt

Design Drawings and Engineering: Biofuel Heating Plant 18MWt for District heating of Cherven city 

Client: Enerstena

Biofuel heating Plant, 18 MWt – heating power 


BY, Cherven

Assignment:  We developed Design Project for a new Biofuel Plant, which supply Heat based on water boilers source (wood chips up to 55% of humidity)
Area of operation: Architecture, heating power design, electricity and automation process design 
Scope of Services: Process design, HVAC design, Steel Drafting, Concrete Drafting, Electric and Automation, 3D rendering
Software: Revit, AutoCAD, EPLAN

Used equipment

  • 2 x 5 MW and one 2 MW biofuel boilers (wood chips up to 55% of humidity) with a 1,896 MW capacity condensing economizer.
  • 2 x 3 MW gas heated boilers (for extra loading) with condensing economizers as well. 
  • Water treatment
  • Automation and Electric

All equipment was made by ENERSTENA Group.


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