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Power plant for Shopping Center and hotel, 3MW(e) 12.3MW (heat)

The territory of the complex divided into four functional areas:

  • Luxury hotel;
  • Closed multi-level parking;
  • Sports arena;
  • Block with commercial stores.

Power station with a boiler room and water treatment was built for a hotel shopping and entertainment center.

Purpose - electricity and heating power. The electric capacity of the complex is 3 MW. The thermal capacity of the complex is 12.3 MW.

Equipment in designed Electric Power plant project: 

  1. Gas turbines (C1000 LPNG gas turbine). The total power is 3 MW;
  2. Hot water boiler. Total thermal power is 12.3 MW;
  3. Boiler room and water treatment for a shopping and entertainment center.

Equipment in designed Boiler room for a shopping and entertainment center

  1. Hot water boiler ViessmannVitomax 100 LW - 2 pcs. The heat output of each boiler is 4.2 MW;
  2. Burner with smooth power control - 2 pcs. They are equipped with two water boilers;
  3. Water Treatment Equipment
  4. A set of optional equipment.

Power Plant was fully Automated and Noise Reducing

The gas power station will be built 12 meters from the luxury hotel, therefore, it is necessary to provide a noise reduction system and achieve noise parameters below 40 dB, and it should be stopped if need emergency.

Fire protection system

According to fire protection system, the building of the boiler room belongs to high class therefore it should be designed in building structures.

Thanks to the automatic fire alarm system installed in the building of the boiler house, a fire signal will be sent to the attendant control desk.

The customer is the Qatar LLS Investment Company “Falcon” investment fund.

Shopping center "Sokol":


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