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About Our Company

About Our Company

Design Engineering bureau TURBOPAR was founded in 2010 and has offices in Minsk and Vilnius now developing more than 50 BIM projects in a year.

Our team consists of more than 120 professional engineers experienced in building information modeling (BIM), computer-aided design (2D/3D CAD), high skilled IT. Core business Steel structure detailing, Rebar detailing, BIM 3D, Power plants / Boiler plants design engineering (PFD, P&ID, 3D, CAD drawings).

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Power plant & Boilers - Engineering Design
Design Bureau for Biomass, Waste-to-Energy, Incineration, Biogas

Calculation of loads, 3D modeling, drafting (Eurocode 3, 4, 5, 9; EN 1090, EN ISO 17659 etc.)

Design of concrete structures (Eurocode 2, fib Model Code, EN 206-1, EN 10080, EN13670 etc.)

Piping calculation and specifications, 3D view

Water -steam cycle general layout, condenser circuit

Power plants and boiler plants design engineering, P&ID

3D model of your equipment design, STEP, IGS. JT, SAT, STL or NC-files finally

Design, project planning and engineering combination of gas and steam turbines

Biomass heating power plants design

Design automated systems for processes in power engineering

  • Calculations

  • Workshop drawings

  • Joints

  • 3D model

  • NC – files

  • Equipment design

We use software

Only licensed software


Every day we work for developing Design Engineering for Power Plants, Biomass & Waste-to-Energy Plants and Industry. We have an attractive offer. Send to us your enquiry.


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