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About Our Company

About Our Company

Design Engineering bureau TURBOPAR was founded in 2010 and has offices in Poland, Lithuania and Ludmansdorf (Austria), now developing more than 50 BIM projects in a year.

Our team consists of more than 140 professional engineers experienced in 3D BIM design, computer-aided design (2D/3D CAD). Core business Power plants & Boiler plants - design engineering (PFD, P&ID, 3D, CAD drawings), Biomass and Waste to Energy, BIM 3D, Steel structure detailing, Rebar detailing.

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Power plant & Boilers - Engineering Design
Design Bureau for Biomass, Waste-to-Energy, Incineration, Biogas

Calculation of loads, 3D modeling, drafting (Eurocode 3, 4, 5, 9; EN 1090, EN ISO 17659 etc.)

Design of concrete structures (Eurocode 2, fib Model Code, EN 206-1, EN 10080, EN13670 etc.)

Piping calculation and specifications, 3D view

Water -steam cycle general layout, condenser circuit

Power plants and boiler plants design engineering, P&ID

3D model of your equipment design, STEP, IGS. JT, SAT, STL or NC-files finally

Design, project planning and engineering combination of gas and steam turbines

Biomass heating power plants design

Design automated systems for processes in power engineering

  • Calculations

  • Workshop drawings

  • Joints

  • 3D model

  • NC – files

  • Equipment design

We use software

Only licensed software


Every day we work for developing Design Engineering for Power Plants, Biomass & Waste-to-Energy Plants and Industry. We have an attractive offer. Send to us your enquiry.


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